confused between Regional institute of Education, Bhilai institute of technology and Sir Chhotu Ram Institute of Engineering Technology

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i have been allotted electrical and electronics engineering in Bhilai institute of technology, electrical and instrumental engineering in Sir Chhotu Ram Institute of Engineering Technology and B.Sc. B.Ed. in PCM in Regional institute of Education, Ajmer.
i want to pursue engineering, and do masters from a foreign university. but due to that "stability for girls" factor my parents are asking to do instead.
i am having doubts about the lab facilities, teaching quality of Sir Chhotu Ram Institute of Engineering Technology in electrical and instrumental engineering since i don't want to study core branch there.
also i realize that Bhilai institute of technology is a good college, i am not sure of going there despite i have been offered branch of my choice because it is private college. and there is a general norm that Government degree has more worth than a private one.
since i don't have any option in CSAB counselling i have only these options in hand, what should i do?


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    Hi Shraddha,

    Strictly speaking from course point of view, we will suggest you to definitely go for electrical and electronics engineering OR electrical and instrumental engineering rather than B.Sc. B.Ed. in PCM. Not only are the career options varied & lucrative in the case of the former, but you will stand a chance to prosper manifold if you do B. Tech. If you opt for B.Sc, then you will have limited options career-wise, mostly in the field of education & teaching. So what it all comes down to, I guess is what your career aspirations really are.

    These days, lots of women are pursuing B. Tech and it has proven to be a stable and advantageous course. Especially, since most corporate these strive to strike a balance in the gender ratio of employees, your chance of excelling in a field not often tread upon by women is quite high. Not to mention that women are not taking it up. As far as security measures go, most colleges have a separate boys & girls hostel with paramount security. SO you should really convince your parents that it is the best option for you and you really want to do it.

    As far as your query on government VS private colleges is concerned, it is a myth that govt colleges are better than private. IIT’s, IIIT’s NIT’s BITS etc are all private colleges and held in great esteem. As long as a college is reputed and affiliated to a university and has a strong placement cell, you are sorted for life. So don’t choose your course basis government / private. Instead keep your parameters practical like course, location, placements, fees etc.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!

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