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Hai.. This is asha parvin ... im doing my final year B.TECH in MNM jain engineering college.. Though im gonna be an engineer im not interested in this field..So i've planned something about my future ...I have much interest on designing ..and even good at some creative stuffs like drawing , painting etc . So me and my sister is planning to start a business ..a clothing boutique where we are gonna implement some of our designs in whatever we sell ....Do i need to do a textile designing course before starting this firm? if yes then how many years will the course cover ? if it is below one year it would have been much better for me ..Please give me some idea regarding this ...


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    Hi Asha,

    There is no course required to start a new business. All you need to have is knowledge about the particular domain, funds, a suitable location and some skills to manage your business. However, if you want to start a clothing boutique, you may opt for diploma or degree courses in fashion or textile designing. The duration, eligibility criteria and other requirements vary between courses. So, advise you to select the course you want to pursue first and then seek for the colleges offering such courses. You may also check out this link to get details about the colleges and courses-

    Fashion and Textile Designing Colleges


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    Hi Asha!First of all congratulations in advance for being an engineer.I'm surprised why all engineering students initially or in the end feel that they do not belong and seek interest in other fields?No offence!Seriously you spend more than 3 years doing B.Tech and now why the transition?But still as the saying goes life is all about exploring;i recommend that you pursue a designing course before entering into a new territory.ATDC of APEC is a good institute in gurgaon for studying fashion designing.Best of luck!!!

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