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What is the scope of forensic science and what is the admission procedure


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    Hi Hemavathy,

    Amity Institute of Behavioural Health & Allied Science offers forensic science courses at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral level. As you haven’t mentioned your educational qualification, you need to check the eligibility criteria of the courses individually. Check out this link below to know about the courses, admission procedure and other details-

    Amity Institute of Behavioural Health & Allied Science (AIBHAS) Overview

    Forensic science involves investigating a crime by applying scientific principles. Forensic scientists use the latest technology and collect evidences such as traces of blood, saliva, other body fluids, hair, fingerprints, etc. These experts work closely with the police and provide evidence admissible in court. The expertise of a forensic professional can also be utilised for civil cases related to issues such as proving the validity of a signature on a will, etc.

    As a Forensic Scientist you can work with police departments, law enforcing agencies, Forensic Science Laboratories, legal systems and investigative agencies. Besides you can also work with private detective agencies and the vigilance department. There are enough scopes for career growth even in foreign countries. Medical examiner, crime laboratory analyst, crime scene examiner, forensic engineer are the job prospects abroad.

    The career prospect in Forensic Science depends on your area of specialization. You can specialize in subjects as varied as medicine, engineering, fingerprinting, insect study, languages, geology etc. The specializations are:

    • Crime Scene Investigation
    • Forensic Pathology/ Medicine
    • Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry
    • Clinical Forensic Medicine
    • Cyber Forensics

    Career of a Forensic Scientist


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