• Electronics and communication engineering • Information technologyPSG College of Technology – Coimbatore (official website) Best courses offered are:

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• Automobile

• Bio-technology

• Civil

• Computer science

• Electrical and electronics

• Electronics and communication

• Information technology

• Mechanical

• Metallurgical

• Production

• Mechanical (Sandwich)

• Electrical and electronics (Sandwich)

• Production (Sandwich)

• Robotics and automation

• Textile technology

• Textile technology (part time)

• Bio-medical

• Instrumentation and control


MNC and national companies like Google, Amazon are few of the prime recruiters with a total count of 100 companies every year. PSG has the record of placing most of their students even before completion of the course.

MIT Pune- Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune (official website)

Situated in Pune and Alandi, MIT has colleges for engineering, design, management, political studies, etc. This college harbors the Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad each year.

Best courses offered are:

• Civil

• Mechanical


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