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Started By Rahul, 3 years, 10 months ago


please can you tell me the scope n the best colleges fro event management in maharashtra


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    Rather than doing an event management course and narrowing your options, why don't you pursue Post Grads in Media and Entertainment. A friend of mine did it from Welingkar. After completion of the course you can have a career for yourself in Film production and distribution companies, Advertising and PR companies, Event and entertainment companies, TV and Radio channels etc. Choose wisely.
    Celebrity and Sports management Companies
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    Hi Rahul,

    Check out these links mentioned below to know about the scope and colleges offering event management-

    Scope of Event Management in India

    Event Management Colleges across Maharashtra

    You may also refer to this article to know more about event management-

    Be confident of what you are selling: Event Manager


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