I want to know about the Fees for the CPL Course.

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Would like to know about the fees for the course and accommodation?


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    Dear Student,

    As per the official website of the Rajiv Gandhi Academy for Aviation Technology - Thiruvananthapuram, The fee structure for COMMERCIAL PILOT LICENSE (CPL) Course varies from college to college depending upon on the facilities provided by the college to its students.


    Fees for Pilots Trainee:- Rs.12,000/- per hour.

    Fees for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Trainees:- Rs.4000/- per Month. 

    Fees for flower dropping :- Rs.50,000/- per task(including initial reccee) provided the total duration is One hour or less. for every additional hour or part thereof Rs.30,000/-. Renewal / Conversion of Licenses:-  Rs.12,000/- per hour for pilots other than ex-trainees of the academy.

    Fee for Joy Ride: @ Rs.12,000/- per hour.


    • Registration Fee:- One Time-  Rs. 5,000/-
    • Membership Fee Yearly:- Rs. 5,000/-
    • Administration charges:-One Time:- Rs. 5,000/-
    • Library Fee Yearly:- Rs. 2,000/-
    • Insurance Yearly:-Rs. 2,000/-
    • Ground classes One Time:- Rs. 50,000/-

    Hostel Facilities:- The Academy has no Hostel facility.





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