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I am 27 years old and have done my BBA (distance) and already working as a online financial copywriter. I am currently pursuing CA.

1. If I want to shift to accountancy or financial analysis, what would I need to do? Will my current experience be counted? Career prospects?

2. If I want to shift to digital marketing (mainly, strategist), what would I need to do? Will my experience as a copywriter be of any help? Career prospects?



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    Hi Ron,

    You may opt for any PG course in the field of Accounts or Financial Analyst on the basis of your BBA degree. You experience could be counted for the profiles you will apply for.

    Check out these links-

    Career Options in Accountancy

    Career as Financial Analyst

    Apart from that, there is no specific degree required to become a digital marketing manager, you may opt for PG degree in marketing, graphic design, communications, internet marketing and related fields.

    As digital marketing field is totally different from accounts and finance, your experience will not be counted.

    Career as a Digital Marketing Manager


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