hello sir/maam I am new to this forum and I want to knw more about Shiv Nadar University and Carnegie Mellon university collaborative program.

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hello sir/ma'am I am new to this forum and I want to knw more about Shiv Nadar University and Carnegie Mellon university collaborative program. I see this online but less info was given. what is the course structure? how to apply for admissions? plz help ty!


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    Dear student,

    Shiv Nadar University (SNU) entered into partnership with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) to offer undergraduate program in Electrical, Computer and Mechanical Engineering. Under the CMU-SNU scholar program, the student will spend two years in USA and two years in India. These four years engineering degree will award student as dual degrees- a Bachelor of Technology from SNU and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from CMU. The first batch will be beginning from August 2013.

    The student will have to apply for both SNU and CMU as a transfer student.

    The last date to apply to SNU is 22nd Feb, 2013 and for CMU as a transfer student is March 1, 2013. The form can be accessed at the official site of both SNU and CMU.

    The student will have to appear for following assessments before January 31, 2013:

    SAT Reasoning Test OR ACT with Writing
    • SAT Subject Test in Mathematics Level 1 OR SAT Subject Test in Mathematics Level 2
    • SAT Subject Test in Physics OR SAT Subject Test in Chemistry
    Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

    The scores of these assessments will be required while filling up the application form.

    All the best !!

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    Carnegie Mellon University and the Shiv Nadar University have partnered to offer the new dual B.S./B.Tech. degree program in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Students wishing to participate in the Program initially shall apply to become students at SNU and at the same time, shall complete a separate application for admission to the Program. This is the course structure: The Program will commence with the fall semester (2013) at SNU in Greater Noida. The program shall consist of 8 semesters of coursework and 1 summer semester (as well as 2 summer semesters in which the Program students are expected to perform internships). The Program curriculum shall be delivered according to the following schedule: Semester 1 and 2 at SNU (Fall and Spring) Semesters 3, 4, 5 at CMU (Summer, Fall and Spring) Semester 6 in an internship (Summer) Semesters 7 and 8 at SNU (Fall and Spring) Semester 9 in an internship (Summer) Semesters 10 and 11 at CMU (Fall and Spring) You can find additional information on their website: http://**********.in/cmu/cmu_program_structure.aspx
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