Hi, I want to ask that would my future be safe if I do animation

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Hi, I want to ask that would my future be safe if I do animation


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    Dear student,

    Animation is a simulation of movement created by displaying a series of pictures, or frames. Cartoons on television are one example of animation. An animation course teaches many software applications these days like Alias Power Animator/ Maya, Kinetix 3D Studio Max, Softimage and Light wave.

    There are many under graduate, post graduate, diploma, short term, advance diploma and certificate courses in Animation and Multimedia like –

    • Diploma in Broadcast Animation,

    • 3D Studio Max

    • Advanced Diploma in Digital Arts and Animation

    • Certificate Course in 3D Animation using Autodesk Maya

    • Bachelor in Multimedia and Animation

    • Master in Multimedia and Animation

    • Post Graduate Diploma in 3D Animation – MAYA

    • Master of Science in Animation and Visual Effects

    • Post Graduate Diploma in 3d Animation & Game Technology

    You can opt for any of these courses according to your aptitude and eligibility. You can also compare career as per your preferences by using our Compare Career Tool.

    The field of animation offers varied career opportunities.

    • D modeller

    • Rigging designer

    • Motion capture

    • Animation web designer

    • Texture & Scenery designer

    • Film animation executive

    • Production manager

    • Storyboard artist

    • Consultancy, education and careers

    • Animation studio manager

    • Digital media entrepreneur

    Click here to know more about Animation & Multimedia

    Career options in Animation and Multimedia

    Click here to get the list of colleges offering animation course

    Good luck!!! 

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