How is the faculty at IIMT , Gurgaon?

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How is the faculty at IIMT , Gurgaon?


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    Since you want to know about the faculty at Institute for International Management & Technology (IIMT) Gurgaon, we would like to inform you that the best of the teachers are drawn from academia and the industry to deliver the programmes at the institute. The faculty at IIMT is determined to provide students with adequate knowledge and skills to be effective business managers and entrepreneurs of the future.


    If you need further details about the faculty at IIMT, we suggest that you contact the institute directly or speak to the college alumni.


    To know more about IIMT, click here.


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    IIMT Gurgaon has got a super alumni record and the faculty at IIMT are mostly PHD holders or are pursuing a doctorate. What's most impressive is their placements and internships offered in reputed organizations abroad. Few of my friends studied there and were really enjoyed their campus life cos of the extra curricular activities they were involved in.
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