How to get in acting suggest sir

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Dear sir , I want to be an actor .its my final aim sir im in big confussion that what should i do plz suggest me your suggestion can give a new direction to my future THANKS


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    Indians are obsessed with the world of fame and acting but there are few who actually want to become an actor and make it big. Though, there is no particular recipe to become an actor but if you are passionate about this career choice then you can join acting schools in order to hone your acting skills. Also, getting admission in some drama schools will boost your chances of getting in the acting line as there are many reputed actors, directors and producers who are associated with the drama schools. If you have that talent in you, you will surely get noticed and chosen for some production. Also, you need to have a professional portfolio with various photographs of yours which you can send over to various production houses. Having a good PR is a must to enter the acting field.
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