I am in my final semester of B.Com (Hons) in Ranchi. I was doing the Chartered Accountancy Programme but due to lack of interest, I dropped out. My dad wants me to do an MBA but I want to en

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I am in my final semester of B.Com (Hons) in Ranchi. I was doing the Chartered Accountancy Programme but due to lack of interest, I dropped out. My dad wants me to do an MBA but I want to enter the media. What is the scope in photography and digital design? - Harsh Daruka


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    Hi, I think a good way to go would be to pursue something where an integration of media and mba is possible. Why dont you opt for an integrated communications/communication management course where you get both concepts. There are institutes such as MICA and Delhi School of Communication (DSC) which offer both options...try them. All the best!
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    Hello buddy MBA in finance would be an excellent option for you.Welingkar Institute Of Management also provides PGDM courses in Finance. It is one of the best colleges in India.It is placed in Bangalore and Mumbai.Prof. Dr. Uday Salunkhe is the Group Director of the institute.The institute focuses on industrial learning.They focus on industry internships also.For admissions they take entrance exams and then select the candidates.For more details here is a help.http://bit.ly/WY1cmZ
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    Hi, even if you want to do photography and design, I would suggest go for a slightly broad based course such as Advertising etc. There is film making and aspects of photography in advertising as well. Good advertising institutes include MICA and Delhi School of Comm.
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    Is it possible to switch from Computer Engineering 1st year Diploma To 2nd year Civil Engineering in diploma. because due to the lack in the number of seats i had to settle for computer engg. but i want to pursue civil engg. So my question can i change my course ? Please help me. Your help is appreciated.
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    PERFECT MATCH ill prefer you Greenway Institute For Management Copy And Paste this website "Greenwaystudies . com"and you can see the College Thankyou
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    plz do mba in finance this is good for u.............
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    hard work. study power brain books
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    i want to prepare ias exam. what procedure i'll prepare this exam
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    There are plenty of opportunities in photography and digital design. With the media boom, photographers who are good at their work are bound to do really well. If you have a high level of visual imagination, an eye for detail and composition, artistic sensitivity, creativity and good powers of observation, a career in photography and design can bring you both success and satisfaction. It is possible to become a photographer without formal training, though it can give you knowledge and command over a variety of cameras, lights, props and photographic techniques. Formal training also hones creative skills. There are numerous opportunities for photographers — most newspaper and magazine companies employ photographers, as do advertising agencies and all kinds of publications including journals etc. to cover diverse kinds of events. One of the most exciting aspects of photography is the variety of options available in the field, ranging from highly specialised, technical jobs to work that require creativity and visual literacy, from political news, fashion, and commercial/ industrial work to nature and wildlife, forensic and video filming. The following institutes offer training: *Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi *Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi *National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad *JJ School of Art, Mumbai *Academy for Photographic Excellence, New Delhi *Harkisan Mehta Foundation Institute of Journalism and Mass Communication, Mumbai Moreover, if you are versatile in drawing, you can enrol in a visual communication and design course to work in web, animation or graphic design. There are many institutes for animation, such as Jamia Millia Islamia, Apeejay Institute of Design, Film and Television Institute of India. Training in animation and multimedia can also be done through short diploma courses with graduation. These courses are offered at institutes including Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics in Delhi and Mumbai, Gecko, Academy of Digital Arts, New Delhi and Arena Multimedia. Usha Albuquerque
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