i have completed my bba and i want to do aviation course so plz suggest me a good collz

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What I do .....? A flight staff or a ground staff course


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    Flight staff and Ground staff both are a very important working area of the aviation industry. Both fields have different work and responsibility.  Where, a Ground Staff of an airport assists people from all over the world.  On the other hand,  Flight staff work inside the flight.  The main work of the flight staff is to fulfil the passenger needs and make their journey comfortable. The flight staffs include Air hostess or Cabin Crew or Flight attendant etc.


    So, if you think that you want to work outside the airport which includes various duties such as safety and comfort of airline passengers and crew members, including checking baggage, stocking aircraft with refreshments, and cleaning the plane and runway between flights. Etc. So you can go for ground staff or if you want to work inside the Aeroplane you can opt for Flight staff. Ultimately the choice and interest is your, select course which you have interest and skills.


    Click here for Airport Operations Colleges in India

    Click here for Cabin Crew/ Airhostess Colleges in India



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