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I have completed XII in science stream now Im confused in which field I take admission in B.tech or BBA MBA.Im interested in management line but I dont know well which field scope is better

I have completed XII in science stream now I'm confused in which field I take admission in B.tech or BBA+MBA.I'm interested in management line but I don't know well which field scope is better now a days.Please clear my confusion & give me a best solution.

Started By rahul sagar, 3 years, 9 months ago


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    Dear Student,


    While both management and engineering have a lot of scope nowadays, the choice you make should depend on your interest and aptitude. If you want to go in management field, you can opt for BBA/MBA. But if you want to be an engineer then you can opt for B.Tech.


    Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a popular course among students aspiring to venture into the world of management. It is a very good option if you’re interested to pursue a career in management field.


    BBA is designed to impart management education and inculcate entrepreneurship skills in a student. It introduces you to the various aspects that form part of effective business management and prepares you to pick a specialized branch later on.


    After completing BBA degree you can go for an MBA. It not only increases career opportunities but also opens options in all sorts of industries. BBA can offer jobs as management trainees in various fields like marketing and sales, finance, HR, etc.


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    On the other hand, Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) is one of the most popular and sought after career options. B.Tech includes various specialisations such as Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Aeronautical, Marine, Industrial, Architecture, etc. Every field of engineering has value & scope and will give you great career opportunities.


    After completing your B.Tech, you can opt for post graduation degree in engineering (M.Tech). You can get a lot of job opportunities in private as well as government sectors after completing your engineering.


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