i wanna become a popular villain

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my last aim is as an Actor.


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    See, acting as profession demands a person to be enthusiastic and passionate about it. It’s an art of portraying characters, presenting emotions and leaving impact on people. No matter how tall, fat or short you are, if you have talent to represent yourself, you can surely become a great actor. We have so many examples such as Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Nawajuddin Siddiqui, Rajpal Yadav, Imran Hashmi and so on. Acting requires hard work and determination to work under extreme conditions for long hours.
    Though, there is no specific educational qualification that can help you become an actor, there are several courses that can help you pick up and refine acting skills, understand the profession and its technicalities. An acting course from a renowned institute will also help you gain a foothold in the entertainment industry. Students from any stream can opt for courses at the undergraduate or postgraduate level.
    If you are good in acting, you can probably pursue acting / modelling and a few other options could be advertising, anchoring and jockeying, film making and direction, journalism and mass communication, etc. After pursuing a course in acting, you can opt to work in films, television, theatre or advertisements.
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