I want to be flight steward so plz advice me the best collage in mumbai and plz advice what is the procedure about job,etc.

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Plz sir/mam i want to be flight steward but i didnt get any guidence...n m getting so confuse so plz sir advice me what to do...n also plz tell me which are the best collages in mumbai n other suburban...


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    Flight Steward or flight attendants are the important part of the cabin crew on a plane. The primary duty of a flight steward is to make sure about the comfort and security of passengers during an airline flight. A flight steward works include review safety and emergency checklists to confirm that life vests, firefighting equipment and torches are on board in the right quantity and appropriate state. To become a Flight steward, you need to complete higher secondary education from a recognized board. Apart from this, Good communication, fair personality are some of the factors, which is important to become Flight Steward.


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