i want to do something in advertising field. so pls. guide me and also for earning purpose.

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i want to do something in advertising field. so pls. guide me and also for earning purpose.


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    Advertising is an extension of communication media to endorse an idea, product or service to achieve the required coverage and number of exposures in a target audience. It is very creative field and has become extremely competitive in recent times. Advertising can be through various mediums - print, digital, electronic. One cannot compromise on the brand value in advertising.


    A career in advertising is quite glamorous and at the same time challenging with more and more agencies opening up every day. You can find job opportunities in the field of Radio, Television, Newspapers, Publishing Houses, Corporate World, Government Organisations, Entertainment Industry, Advertising Agencies and Public Relations Agencies. Advertising field offers a range of lucrative, interesting careers. The job in this field is categorised into two parts, executive and creative. Executive side includes Client Servicing, Market Research and Media Research. Creative side consists of copywriters, scriptwriters, visualisers, photographers and typographers.


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    Many of institutes offer various post graduate degree courses such as Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising & Communication Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising, Diploma in Advertising and Media, Master of Science (Advertising Management & PR), Master of Communication Management in Advertising, etc. related to Advertising .


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    im in 12th now. the bachelor course in b.m.m. or where?
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    Hi, Are you a graduate or are you still pursuing under graduation. If you are going to complete ur Bachelor's programme this year, then you can apply for good post graduate courses. The good ones will have internship options as well where you can also earn. Few institutes such as MICA and The Delhi School of Communication do offer great courses with internships as well. Cheers!
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