I want to know everything about mass communication best colleges(considering that I am not so much good in my subjects which encompasses PCM) placements,facilities etc

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I am just finished with my 12th exams from science stream,english has always been my cup of tea,n I want to purse 4 mass communication,plz suggest the good and bad aspects of it,nd which college in india is best for this,my % is not gonna be so good..I need some suggestions over this


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    See, the definition of “best college” depends on your own preferences and requirements. Such as, you can choose a college based on its location, fee structure, college type, affiliation and accreditation etc. Every student has some set of priorities bases which s/he selects a college subsequently. So, we suggest you to use our unique tool called “College Planner Tool”. This tool will assist you to select the colleges as per your preferences.


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    Also, the course curriculum differs from college to college. So, you need to shortlist the colleges first and check for their course prospectus individually.


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