iam planning to do viscom ! can someone please expalin me the scope for it and is it suitable for girls?? pls do help me

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can u pls guide me in choosing my career !! and wht is the scope for girls after taking viscom fields 


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    Visual Communication is all about using images to communicate an idea whether it's a sign, poster, drawing, photograph, or television advertisement, can be included in the field of visual communications. There are various diploma, certificate, graduate, postgraduate course in the field of visual communication and a person, who loves to do creative work and wants to enhance their creative skills, can opt this course.


    Visual Communication has so many fields such as Portfolio Development, Digital Video Editing, Magazine Editing and Publishing , Graphic designing, Digital Photography, Digital communication, Creative Video making and so on.


    After completing this programme, you can opt for a job in electronic and print media, publishing houses, production houses, digital studios, Event management firms etc. However , M.O.P Vaishnav College for Women (Autonomous) offers B.Sc in Visual Communication course. The duration of this course is three years, which comprises in six semesters.





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