If I am interested in Math then which engineering line should I choose???

If I am interested in Math then which engineering line should I choose???

Started By Drashti, 3 years ago


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    Hi Drashti, if you have been interested in maths then I would say Operation Management is best for you to pursue your career with. Operations management programs prepare people to run production or technical operations in firms. Students learn how to make production systems more efficient. For example, they learn to control for costs and quality. They also learn to manage people who work in the skilled trades. Also, to go ahead with this course an institute like SIOM would be a good option and helpful since their faculty are good and their parent institute is Symbiosis. Try their website ********** it might help.
    Posted By Gaurang, 3 years ago   |   ReplyReport
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    ok thanks... Do you know any other line for good for me??
    Posted By Drashti, 3 years ago   |   ReplyReport
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    hey dhrishti... im interestd in math too but does nor mean i do engineering man!! u have to be interested in the rest of the engineering subjects as well.... but acc to me rite now electronics industry is growing big time...u shud consider electronics engineering....have this college in my city clled UTM...known for their bteach courses... or i have a frnd in MIT pune...thts also one good insti for enginerin
    Posted By Akshaya, 3 years ago   |   ReplyReport
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    Hello student, 

    Well, every field has maths in it, as it is the vital instrument when it comes to engineering. Click here to know all about engineering.

    Good luck! 

    Posted By HTCampus, 2 years, 12 months ago   |   ReplyReport

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