in present i am in class 11th science with bio, physics, chemistry, and english and i m interested in being animator, what should i do? please suggest me.....

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Started By Neha Yadav, 3 years, 7 months ago


i want some suggestion. if any one could suggest me so please


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    Hi Neha,

    You can opt for Bachelor’s degree courses in courses in Animation and Multimedia. There are various colleges across India offering degree courses in the field of animation and multimedia.

    The admission process, eligibility criteria, required percentage, fee structure, entrance exam (if any) and other requirements vary from course to course and college to college. So, you need to get in touch with the colleges individually to know about their courses and admission procedure. And, if you have any particular college in your mind, please mention so that we can provide you details accordingly. In the meantime, we provide details about the colleges offering animation and multimedia. Please check out this link to know about their courses and admission procedure-

    Animation and Multimedia Colleges across India

    You can refine your search by adding location, course delivery, cost of study etc. by clicking on the above mentioned link.


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