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Hello Sir!! I'm from Mumbai and I'm interested in graphics designing and also want to persue graphics engineering. Right now I'm persuing diploma in electrical n electronics (power system). But I'm not interested in this field so I want information about graphics engineering and better colleges in Mumbai. Before persuing this field should I have to do some different courses like programming , java , c++??? Please give me information as soon as possible for my better carrier. Thank you


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    Hi Aadi,


    Since you are interested in the field of graphic designing, we would advise you to opt for a Bachelor’s degree course in Graphic Design. There are various undergraduate degree courses in Graphic Designing which are offered by numerous good graphic designing colleges in India.


    Some of the courses you pursue-

    • B.Design in Graphic Design
    • Bachelor in Media Graphics and Animation
    • Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design)
    • Bachelor of Fine Art in Graphics
    • Bachelor’s in Graphic + Multimedia Design
    • Bachelor of Visual Art in Graphics etc


    The eligibility criteria, admission procedure and other requirements vary from course to course and college to college. So, we are giving you list of colleges offering such courses too. You can shortlist the colleges by clicking on the link below-


    Best Graphic Designing Colleges in India


    Career as a Graphic Designer



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