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I am ankush pawar i need to ask about photography courses


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    Photographers are skilled at capturing a still image which reveals a story. They render emotions to an image giving it the feel that they wish the image should portray. There are various kinds of Photography such as Wildlife photography, fashion photography, Industrial photography, food photography, Aerial photography and Scientific photography.


    To become a success photographer, you must have following skills;

    • Patience                                                      
    • Dedication                                        
    • Strong visual power to capture a subject
    • Attentiveness to color, shape and shadow


    After completing this program, you will get employment opportunities in the below-mentioned fields-


    • Magazine and newspaper publisher
    • Press and Publishing houses
    • Ad agencies
    • Industrial, medical institute
    • As Freelancers
    • With Commercial Photographer


    However, we are sharing a list of Photography Colleges in India, please go through the below mentioned link:


    Photography Colleges in India




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