Is IT(Information technology) good as the other branches??

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Respected Sir/Madam
I am really confused about the advices i get about IT(Engineering). People say that CS(computer science) and Mech is good that IT. I am getting Karad Govt College Karad in IT which is very well known college! I was advised that i should wait for second round of allotment but i didnt want to loose my seat. I am also not so sure that I will get another good college. Is IT so bad as career???
Please answer fast, as the cap round 2 will only 2 days remaining!



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    Hi Siddhesh,

    Information technology has seeped in so much into organizations that the world-wide web of local area networks, intranet and internet has changed the way business is being conducted across countries. Companies now use IT not only to automate their activities but to also stay ahead of their competitors.

    Here are some job types of Information technology-

    • Computer Programmer
    • Computer Software Engineer
    • Computer Hardware Engineer
    • Computer Support Specialist
    • Database Administrator
    • Information Systems Manager
    • Networking Engineer
    • Project Leader
    • System Administrator
    • System Designer
    • System Analyst
    • Trainer


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    no yar it is one of the fastest growing, and most employing career sector. but success here is only determined by the khurafati factor of the student. all the best!

    Posted By Shraddha, 3 years, 9 months ago | Reply Report