I have one query about Regarding State Quota PG Seats.

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I have completed my MBBS from Telangana in 2015 and my Aadhar card and home are in Andhra Pradesh whereas my schooling until the tenth standard have been from Maharashtra.so m I eligible to take a seat even in Maharashtra? and among Andhra and Telangana where I will be considered as localities for allotment of pg seat


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    Dear Student,

    Students from Andhra Pradesh, J&K and Telangana are not eligible for AIQ (All India Quota) seats. They are only eligible for their state quota and for the seats in private medical colleges.

    However, students who are not domiciled in these states and are not eligible for the state quota in the colleges, but residing in these states are eligible for the AIQ seats. They need to give a self-declaration form as prescribed.

    Apart from this, you can search more Information through below link:-


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