IT job mart faces global crisis crunch

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Started By Meenakshi, 3 years, 7 months ago


Will the smiles continue to last on the faces of the city’s IT employees following the global financial crisis? That would depend solely on whether a techie measures his happiness by the fact that he still has a job. Although the financial turmoil — which began with the US subprime crisis and started spreading with the bankruptcy of iconic investment banking firm Lehman Brothers — has not yet prompted large-scale sackings in Salt Lake’s Sector V, the reprieve may well prove temporary if the recovery mission led by US President George Bush and other G-7 nations proves a failure. Experts say that although IT firms having facilities in Kolkata have not yet been forced to issue pink slips, they would soon have to start examining ways to reduce bench strength — or the number of employees kept as backup by all tech majors for handling new projects or managing attrition, because of cost pressures.


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