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Started By mahek bhatt, 4 years ago


I am a student of 10th std....if I wanna do journalism....wat should I , commerce or arts .


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    Hi Mahek, it would be better if you take arts as it helps to increase your general knowledge about the world we live in. I would advise you to start developing communication skills from here only like start participating in quizez, debates, drama and all it will help you to shape your overall personality. And when its time to look for admission look for UTM, Shillong, first of all its a beautiful place to study and it also has experienced faculty and great infrastructure to support students. I think that would be the best for you.
    Posted By Devik, 3 years, 5 months ago | Reply Report
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    Mahek it would be good if you go for arts. After that you can go for BLMC from some good university like HPU, LPU, DU etc for good job prospects.
    Posted By Aarti Singh, 3 years, 9 months ago | Reply Report