Last Minute Preparation Tips for CAT 2014 are

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Started By Ritika Mathur, 3 years, 7 months ago


1. Do at-least one full length test one or two days before the Exam.
2. Clearly identify your strong section/s and make sure you spent minimum time on them during the actual exam. (Students tend to spend more time on sections they love most and ending scoring very high in those areas but at the same time less in others – Do remember the sectional cut off is as important as overall).
3. Reach well within time to Examination center – no last minute rush. Have all the necessary papers and formalities done in time.
4. Don’t get challenged with any question. Many times students take questions as a challenge and will try to solve it again and again – in the end you may solve it but it will consume a lot of time and it will also build unnecessary pressure.
5. Do remember silly mistakes cost a lot in the CAT. Generally all the wrong options in Math’s and DI Sections would be arrived at considering those silly mistakes. E.g. assuming diameter as radius, or height as length etc.)


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