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I am a orthopaedic surgeon with age 34 years practicing in indore
i want to know
1. can I do LLB by distant learning
2. can LLB from distant learning recognized by bar council and they practice the law.
3. if these are not recognized by bar council for practice why are these course being done and what is there scope.
4. being 34 am i eligible for doing LLB


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    HI Mr. Saurabh,

    Only regular course in LLB in India and some Foreign Law Degrees are approved by Bar Council of India (BCI), thereby making you eligible to practice in Indian courts. There are various colleges and universities offering LLB through distance or online mode. Though, must be pursued by regular mode only. Even, many universities offering part time or evening classes for LLB which is also not acceptable for practice in court. Your degree must be recognized by Bar Council of India (BCI) in order to practice in court.

    These online/distance and part time courses are meant for the working professionals who would like to enhance their career prospects. So, it would be advisable for you to opt for a degree that is recognized by Bar Council of India (BCI).


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