Looking for help in finding a good automobile engineering college in Bombay.

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I am about to complete my course of diploma in mechanical engineering in Nirma University, Ahmedabad. I would like to continue my education by getting a degree in Automobile Engineering. I am looking for a prestigious college with a 'valuable' degree in Bombay and I don't know where to start. It would be reaally helpful if I could get some suggestions, the reason for suggesting that particular college, the process and requirements to get in, etc. All the details that you can give, thanks a lot!


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    Hi Jay,


    See each student has some set of priorities bases which s/he selects a college. Such as, you can select a college on the basis of its location, fee structure, placement, student-teacher ratio and so on. The best way to select a college is to shortlist some colleges you want to apply for, check their admission criteria and get in touch their students and alumni to get authentic and rational reviews.


    You can also contact with the colleges’ administrators to know about the colleges, their history, previous records etc.


    You may even click on the link below to shortlist colleges based on your own preferences.


    College Planner Tool


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