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Currently I'm pursuing Journalism from LSR college. But I have this aspiration of studying abroad. So I am planning to pursue my Masters from abroad. But I have this fear in me. Whether going there will be worthy or not. Is that a good decision? Please advice me with the best.


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    Hi Kunzang,


    See, whether you study in India or abroad both are good options. Both will give you equal value to get right job in right company. There are numerous top-notch colleges for journalism and mass communication in India as well as in abroad. Also, there are some other factors you should keep in mind while making your decision, such as whether you want to be settled in India or abroad later on, whether you would get a good college/ university and so on. All that counts at the end is pursuing your higher studies from a good college/ university. So, this decision is totally depends on you that you want to go abroad or take admission in India for higher studies. So, analyse your resources, scrutinize the pros and cons of both the options and make a decision accordingly.


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