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Started By pragati, 3 years, 10 months ago


can i pursue both maths honours and actuaries together?
what is the combined duration of both the subjects?
do i need to pursue both bachelors and masters in actuarial science to get a good job?


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    Hi Pragati,

    See, pursuing Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the same field is the conventional way of study. It is always better to opt for under-graduation and post-graduation courses in same/relevant field to get more industry exposure. In this way, you will get in-depth knowledge about the particular domain and will also get strong base to achieve success in life. As Mathematics and Actuarial Science are relevant fields, you may opt for any of these degrees in your Bachelor’s, followed by Master’s in Actuarial Science. However, the best way would be to for Actuarial Science at Bachelor’s and Master’s degree as there would strong element of Mathematics in it.

    Tough, the last decision will be yours.


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