mba fees detals

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mba fees detals


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    Best b-schools with their fee structure are:

    IIT Delhi - Rs. 4.39 lakh IIM Udaipur-Rs. 9.50 lakh DoMS, IIT Roorkee -Rs. 4.18 lakh VGSoM, IIT Kharagpur- Rs. 6.72 lakh FMS, University of Delhi- Rs. 20,000 Lovely Professional University - Rs. Min 1.4 NITIE Mumbai- Rs. 8.10 lakh DIME, IIT Kanpur - Rs. 1.60 lakhDMS, IISc. Bangalore- Rs. 3 lakhJBIMS Mumbai -Rs. 2 lakhXLRIIIFM Bhopal-Rs. 4.80 lakhIRMA-Rs. 8 lakhWe School Mumbai-Rs. 8.60 lakhKJSIMSR, Mumbai-Rs. 7.8 lakhNIT Warangal-Rs. 2.1 lakhIFIM Bangalore-Rs. 9.50 lakhLBSIM Delhi -Rs. 8.95 lakhIPE Hyderabad-Rs. 8 lakhAmrita School of Business, Coimbatore-Rs. 7 lakhSIMSREE Pune-Rs. 1.36 lakhDMS, University of Pune-Rs. 1.31 lakh SSIM -Rs. 5.50 lakh VIT Business School, Vellore-Rs. 5.98 lakh Christ University, Bangalore-Rs. 6.75 lakhDr. D Y Patil School of Management, Pune-Rs. 5.4 lakh AIMS Bangalore-Rs. 6 lakh (MBA), Rs. 4 lakh BVIMR, Pune-Rs. 5.57 lakhBVIMR, Pune-Rs. 5.57 lakhSDMIMD Mysore-Rs. 9.80 lakhShiv Nadar University-Rs. 6.72 lakh
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