m.tech admission confusion.... plz solve

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i am a B.Tech graduate in ECE
i am looking for admission in m.tech
i was thinking abut taking admission in ME automotive engg in PSG Coimbatore
but me also getting ECE in NIT Jalandhar on the basis of my gate score
which one should i choose as i want to work further in private sector and i dont want to go for lecturership
could u guide me soon


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    Hi Bhaskar,

    Here, we provide you details about the career opportunities after M.E Automotive Engineering and Master’s in Electronics in Communication Engineering.

    Automotive engineers design, develop, test and build domestic motor vehicles, racing cars and motorbikes. Automotive engineers are usually concerned with the practical application and general interaction of mechanical, electronic, safety and different peculiarities to the outline and completed result of a vehicle.

    After completion of your Master’s in Automotive Engineering, you may work in vehicle manufacturing companies, design firms, parts suppliers and engineering consultancies.

    On the other hand, Electronic and Communications Engineering is one field which is applicable in our day to day life - computers, print media, visual media, audio and communication sector. Typically, the role of an Electronics and Communication Engineer involves design, fabrication, produce, test and supervision the manufacture of complex products and systems i.e., electronic equipment and components for a number of industries including hospitals, computer industry, electronic data processing systems for communication and in defence etc.

    Increased production and demand by government, Public sector and businesses for communication equipment, computers and military electronics along with consumer demand and increased research and development on robots and other types of automation contributes to the growth of employment opportunities in the field.

    As an ECE, you can work under telecom, hardware and networking, applications of all kinds, embedded system allied areas such as VLSI Design and fabrication and mobile computing and software development etc with some added specialization.

    You can select any of these fields as per your interest and aptitude. However, the course you choose must be strictly based on your own abilities and skills.



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