please suggest the career which have higher scope in future eigther Embedded systems or SAP ABAP regarding jobs and salaries.

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I have completed M.Sc Electronics & Communications with 80% in 2014. Now this is the time to build my career. I got job in a small MNC which offer 1.5/anum in Embedded systems field. But some ones are telling that SAP ABAP have good future and they offer good salaries. But i dont have any knowledge on SAP. I have to do course on SAP ABAP. As per me i can adopt for any technology, but the thing is which path can i choose. please tell me iam toooooooo confusing of this.


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    Hi Sarada,

    SAP is the leading Enterprise Information and Management Package worldwide. SAP package helps to track and manage, in real-time, sales, production, finance accounting and human resources in an enterprise. SAP software helps departments and business units communicate efficiently and resolve issues with product development and inventory management. There is almost every organisation that uses SAP software for their financial management. There is a huge scope in India. Check out this article-

    Demand for SAP Consultants is Increasing

    On the other hand, the field of embedded systems is also a good option to pursue. As you have already working in this field, it would be easy for you to adapt the aspects of the field. Check out this link to know about the career options-

    Career Prospects in Hardware/ Embedded Systems

    See, the salary scale depends on your own skills and aptitude, course you have done, institute’s reputation from you have pursue, placement you got after the course and various other factors. However, you can calculate your salary as per your preferences by using Salary Predictor Tool

    There is no one knows your aptitude and interests better than you. So, now it depends on you whether you should go for SAP or Embedded Systems.


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