query about colleges in engineering??

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Started By shashi Kant, 3 years, 6 months ago


query about colleges in engineering??


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    Hi Shashi,

    Check out this link mentioned below to know about the colleges offering engineering courses in India-

    Engineering Colleges across India

    You can refine your search by adding location, course delivery, institute type, category etc by clicking on the above mentioned link.


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    Hi Shashi, though they are many colleges and universities which are offering various engineering program but I would advise to you go for more relevant programs like petroleum engineering, automotive design engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engg, oil and gas engg, cloud computing and all.. these are the hot sector today in terms of demand and scope. There is a university I know, UTM shillong it is a superb university with experienced faculty and great infrastructure for students to learn. I would advise you to check it for sure.

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