questioning the working of agril engg. academic staff

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Started By Harendra, 6 months, 2 weeks ago


hello sir.. good morning..i am the former student of btech agril engg. of 2013-17 batch...


I want to know there any formal check n balance in the system to ensure the proper working of the academic staff of CAE. 

I personally feel the ignorant n apathetic attitude of the academic staff.  From about 2 months or above, they are not getting time for checking the document paper of mine, which is their prime duty and their excuses are .. I am ill..or peon is absent or I m busy or I will inform u later...this continues for more than about 50 days.

this shows corrupt n irresponsible nature of the staff please help me out to resolve this type of academic hassle of which I am one of the participants and facing problem due to it..please help !!!!!


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