scope for Mba in agriculture

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Started By Ankit, 3 years, 5 months ago


SUB 1)scope in govt sector for MBA -agriculture/agribusiness
2)can i apply in any mnc apart from agricultural sector
3)what benefits should i get after completing my course

i am pursing my MBA in agriculture here from utkal university ,orissa.
i am now in 2nd year.
there are lots of scope in seeds and fertilizers industries in marketing and in private banks and micro finance but i would like ask is there any scope in govt. sector ??when and where should i apply for this and
shall i wait or drop a year after completing my MBA for preparation??
or i should join any private organization and with that should i try for govt sector ?
and another important question
can i get any job in mncs with this MBA agribusiness certificate??or i am only eligible to apply in agricultural field ???

please suggest me



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