scope of political science honours degree

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Started By Hyder, 2 years, 3 months ago


Sir/madam I am very interested in learning contemporary political developments in the world and in the sub continent even more than that I want to learn more about the ancient Republic of india like panchayat. I am an above average student of arts from kendriya vidhyalaya . I am hoping to score between 85-90+ in cbse board . Which institution in delhi would best suit me? Are there any specific courses like international relations or indian politics for the undergraduate programmes ? What would be my advantages and disadvantages if I take political science as a mains subject for upsc? What are the employment opportunities in this field ? What important traits should I develop to excel in the field ? I am passionate about travelling , I want to learn the world by travelling , what are the different jobs and courses that would give me an international career through political science field ? I'm not at all interested in pay scale as long as it is sufficient to feed a family of four +2 :) :) :)