I want to do Short-Term Course from AIMS Institutes.

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I would like to do a Short Course from AIMS Institutes.


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    Dear Student,

    As per the official website of the AIMS Institutes, the Institutes offers short-term courses such as:-


    • Diploma in Culinary Arts of Italian Cuisine (1 year)
    • Certificate Programme in Culinary Arts of Italian Cuisine (4 weeks)

    Diploma in Culinary Arts of Italian Cuisine:- AIMS Institutes in association with ALMA, which is the world’s leading international educational and training center for Italian cuisine offers specialized Italian cuisine courses.This association provides a great opportunity for the students.Training programmes at the highest level, executed by the world's leading teachers. A diploma in culinary arts from ALMA is a matter of pride for a student. 

    Eligibility for Diploma in Culinary Arts:- Students who have successfully completed the Bachelor of Hotel Management programme are eligible for the Culinary Arts Diploma in Italian Cuisines.The infrastructure is world-class and all provisions are available for the best learning experience.

    Certificate Programme in Culinary Arts of Italian Cuisine (4 weeks):- The 4-week Certificate in Culinary Arts offered by AIMS Institutes in association with ALMA gives students with a passion for Italian cuisine international training and exposure, and an opportunity to better their best. ALMA is a world-renowned training institute for Italian cuisine and is known for its educational expertise. AIMS Institutes and ALMA together offer students specialized programmes in Italian cuisine.

    Culinary Arts Certificate Course Eligibility:- This programme is open to professional Students working in the cuisine industry who wish to master the art of Italian cuisine. Professional students with work experience in the industry and who wish to upgrade their mastery over various aspects meet the eligibility requirements for culinary arts for this 4-week intensive course.

    Apart from this, the fee structure and admission criteria vary from college to college, so you need to get in touch individually for relevant information.





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