sir i am btech final year student. me about IES exame please sir

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sir i am btech final year student. me about IES exame please sir


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    Dear student

    The Indian Engineering Services (IES) exam is conducted by the UPSC every year for the recruitment to the four categories of engineering services i.e. Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electronics & telecommunication Engineering. The exam consists of a written test in your engineering specialisation and a general test that includes subjects like English and general studies. There is also a personality test where the interview panel assesses candidates’ leadership qualities, initiative and intellectual curiosity, social qualities like integrity, and powers of practical application. This is a very competitive exam, leading to a career in the Indian engineering services, which are equivalent to the other civil services. It will be more suitable for you to continue in this service, where your engineering knowledge and abilities can be utilised, rather than attempt to get into the civil services where it is unlikely that you will ever be assigned an engineering or technical position.

    All the best !!

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