want to know scope of CFP


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want to know scope of CFP

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    The CFP certification programme has an edge over other finance-related programmes today because of the sheer gap between the demand and supply of the qualified professionals in this field.

    A financial planner is supposed to help clients achieve their life goals by planning for their investments, taxes, insurance, retirement, and estate and most importantly, expenses. As a certified financial planner, one may choose to establish one's licensed financial planning practice. Alternatively, one may work with

    1. Banks
    2. Life insurance companies
    3. Accounting or law firms
    4. Stock brokers
    5. Fund managers
    6. Wealth management companies
    7. Training solution providers
    8. KPO (specialising in financial planning)

    CFP has a good scope in India and you can get a good job. The demand for Financial Planning professionals is growing day-by-day.
    For more information regarding career of CFP click here.

    Good Luck!!!

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    what is expected salary at the start of CFP without experience
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    starting 4-5 lacs
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