What is the advantages and disadvantages BSC Vs B.TECH

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BSC Vs B.TECH advantages and disadvantages


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    Btech- is much better option than BSc.. since the  BSc. course is general in nature, you need to complete M.Sc to get a good start to your career.Comparatively, career prospects after graduation in engineering is GOOD. Direct Foreign placements are available for Btech which are not available for BSc. B.Tech will give you a technical hand which is highly preferred by companies. a technical person is supposed to tackle problems with ease.B.Tech will give you more salary in any firm or company. B.Sc person will get comparatively lower salary. BSc can pursue career in  field like bank, teaching, marketing etc in which  BTech's are also eligible but the career like IES, Indian Railways special class apprentice, Military Engineering services, PSU's etc where BSc. are not eligible.

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    There is no disadvantage in pursuing B.Tech or B.Sc program. Both the fields are good and provide a good career in their respective field such as, if you want to become a researcher or lecturer then it is better to opt to B.Sc program. If you are good in Maths and Physics and you have an interest in the application of science or passion for discovering and creating new things and good in technical knowledge then you can pursue B. Tech.

    However, before taking any decision, we are giving you an overview of both the programs; you can select any program as per your preference

    Bachelor of Engineering (B.Tech) is a professional engineering undergraduate degree course and the duration of the program is 4 years. The program provides in various specializations, which includes Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Computer and so on. The program provides technical knowledge in the respective field and focus on practical based training

     Eligibility for B.Tech:                    

    Student should have passed 10+2 in science stream with PCM/ PCB (Biotechnology) from a recognized board and needs to appear for the engineering entrance test such as JEE Main and other State and the University level entrance test

     Engineering Colleges in India

    Best Engineering Courses in India

    On the other hand, Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) is the study of science. The duration of the program is 3 years and it provides specializations in various fields such as Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Zoology, Agriculture, and Nautical Science and so on. The program will provide a deep theoretical knowledge in the specific domain and it is also research oriented program

    Eligibility for B.Sc

    The student should have passed 10+2 in science stream from a recognized board with minimum 50%, however, the percentage varies from college to college. Apart from this, some college and universities also conduct entrance test for admission

    B.Sc Colleges in India

    Career Options after 12th in Science











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    Bachelor of Science  is a UG course in which you have a select a field in which you are going to pursue the degree ie in maths , chemistry, physics, biotechnology and many other. Where as on the other hand bachelor of technology is fully a technical course in which one learns everything practically. By pursuing this , one gets a title of engineer. Its fields are huge in number namely computer science, it, civil, mechanical, mining, mining machinery and many other.Its duration is 4 years and Bsc duration is 3 years. B tech is more prestigious and pay scale is far high than Bsc

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