what should i do after my BSc in biology for getting a handsome salary?

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what should i do after my BSc in biology for getting a handsome salary?


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    Hello sir plz help me for job after b.sc biology..which sector job available for me..plz suggest

    Hello dear student for all your education related queries and doubts for all your career counselling and your queries regarding colleges courses and admissions you may contact rs sir for your doubts and career counselling at his contact no 80 05 79 15 02 or whats app me @ 96 67 26 56 90 okay

    thanking you

    best of luck for your career  

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    Hello sir plz help me for job after b.sc biology..which sector job available for me..plz suggest
    Posted By Priyanka, 3 months, 4 weeks ago | Reply Report
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    What should I do after bsc botany hons. Complete ?
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    Hi sir/mam...can u tell me wat sgould i do after my bsc
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    Thanks for Asking..!!

    After completing B.Sc. in bio technology, there are many career options available. but the best one is M.Sc Bio technology or PhD biotechnology.

    By this you can get into research field. & work in Agriculture Industries, Research Laboratories, Food Processing Industries, Chemical Industries, Development Medicine.

    You can also appear in csir net exam after completing m.sc. <a href="https://**********/csir-net-exam">csir net</a> is a national level eligibility test which is conducted for science students to make career in research filed & professorship.

    Best of Luck :)

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    One can pursue M.sc in Biotechnology after B.Sc in Biology. Biomedical Science is an Emerging Career. In the past, scientific research has provided highly effective remedies to cure and control of human diseases. However, with upsurge of chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases; re-emerging diseases like malaraia, dengue; and with the advent of newly emerging diseases like HIV, influenza there is an imminent need to invest and add value to application based research in the field of biomedical sciences and M.Sc in Biotechnology gives you immense exposure to the relevant field with good career opportunity. For further details you can check http://**********/
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    There are many courses like masters in Biotechnology,Microbiology,Bioinformatics,Genetics,Biomedical Science etc. Some of them are research based but you can get a good job after pursuing masters..A job with good salary package depends on your institution and your academic performance..
    Posted By Siddharth Agarwal, 3 years, 6 months ago | Reply Report
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    Dear student,

    There is a huge scope in Bachelor of Science in Biology. You can get job opportunities in various organizations such as Broadcast Companies, Agricultural Research Service, Biotechnology Firms, Botanical Survey, Conservatories, Plant Genetics Research Centres, Medical Research, Scientific and Medical Equipment Suppliers, Medical Laboratories, National Parks, Pharmaceutical Companies, Seed and Nursery Companies and Wildlife and Fishery Departments etc.

    You can work in these organizations as a Biology Content Developer, Biology Researcher, Botanist, Conservationist, Ecologist, Farming Consultant, Forester, Environment Consultant, Geneticist, Mycologist, Natural Resources Manager, Molecular Biologist and Weed Scientist etc.

    All the best !!

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    kkkk thanx for ur ans.siddharth....n i hd dropped ********** my 11 n 12th so from ur given options which option wud b easier for me to understand????? n plz guide me for BSc in chemistry too???? with details so that it wud b easy for me to choose the best one for me...
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