what should i persue next MBA or MSc

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Respeted Sir/ ma'am
I m a student of Bsc IMB .. i m very much confused regarding my future studies that what should I study next. I m intrested in MSc food tech but m also intrested in MBA (HR)..I will be highly obliged to u for answering me.
thank u


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    Hi Farah,

    As you are interested in both the fields, it would be advisable for you to get details about all the aspects of both the courses and then make any decision. Let’s have a close look over both the career options-

    Food Technology-

    Given the economic growth and the influx of tourists visiting India every year, the food industry has seen a massive growth in recent years. The food culture has expanded and demand for hygienically packed and processed food has increased manifold. The idea is to convert basic food like rice and wheat to edible form along with dairy, confectionary, meat and fish products and fruit and vegetable products hygienically keeping the nutritional value intact.

    Skills Required- intelligent, scientific bent of mind, observatory and concentration power, interest in scientific and technological developments and interest in health and nutrition.

    Career Options after M.Sc Food Technology-

    • Dietician
    • Food technologist
    • Product/Process Development Scientist
    • Technical Brewer
    • Production Manager
    • Purchasing Manager
    • Retail Buyer
    • Quality Assurance Manager
    • Laboratory Supervisor
    • Food Packaging Manager

    On the other hand, check out these links to know about Human Resources-

    Everything You Should Know About MBA in HR

    Career Options & Prospects after an MBA in HR

    You can opt for any of these courses as per your preferences.


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    I think that it would be better to go for M.Sc first and then for MBA.

    Posted By Samraat, 3 years, 7 months ago | Reply Report