which courses are offered ?

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courses that are offered for aviation/travel/hospitality ?  and their scope in future ?


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    Tourism and hospitality is a very good and booming option for career. The job opportunities and growth is also very high in this industry due to the speed in development of tourism. Indian tourism industry stands 5th in the world in the terms of development. The job options are so many like becoming chef, hotel manager and so on.  To make career in this field you can pursue various courses such as Diploma or Certificate course in Tourism and Hospitality, a degree course in same etc.


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    The aviation industry is huge and there is lots of scope to do many things. You can get into Airlines Operation and go on to become an Economic Planning Manager, Commercial Manager, Cargo Manager, Housekeeping Manager, Personnel Manager, Law Manager, etc. You can pursue various courses such as flight attendant courses, flight deck crew courses, pilot training in Indian aviation, commercial pilot training, aircraft maintenance engineering course, cabin crew and in-flight services course and air hostess training.


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    Please click below-mentioned links to know more about Aviation/Travel/Hospitality industry



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