Which field has more scope now a days?

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Started By Nitin, 2 years, 1 month ago


In engineering which field has more scope now a days ane can give 100 percent place ment in future?


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    In engineering, there are so many branches and each branch has good scope in their respective field. It depends on your interest skills and passion for that branch. You can only taste success if you have a deep interest for that particular field. About placement, it depends on various factors such as your ability, skills, knowledge about the specific domain etc. Though, your chances of employment increases upon reputation of college you are pursuing your education from, your academic scores, how you perform in the interview etc.



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    Do what you love and do it well. That is the key. When your work is your Hobby you will love it and progress well. It is like the story of each organ claiming to be supreme which you must have read in your childhood.Every branch is good & can provide you excellent opportunities provided you pursue it from a reputed engineering college. Just try to get in to any of IITs, NITs or in private ones look for BITs, UPES, UTM, Pune Engineering college etc. These all have good infra, facilities, faculty and placements. 

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