What is B.Tech in Applied Mechanics?

B. Tech in Applied Mechanics is a professional undergraduate course in engineering. The programme has a term of 4 years, divided equally into 8 semesters. A Bachelor of Technology in Applied Mechanics course educates candidates in creative scientific research and analysis methodologies. Candidates need to use these methodologies to find practical solutions for complex engineering problems. The course educates candidates about various principles related to the force, heat and mass energy conversion applicable for analysing dynamic and static physical systems.

Bachelor of Technology in Applied Mechanics is an ideal course for candidates interested in the development and designing of aircraft, automobiles, cooling and heating systems, household appliances, weaponry and all other different types of machines. Candidates with a knack for building new and innovative machines can also opt for the professional 4-year programme.

After the successful completion of a B. Tech in Applied Mechanics degree, candidates can go for high studies in one of the several specialisations of applied mechanics. In addition, candidates with a Bachelor of Technology degree in Applied Mechanics can start their career in one of the several possible domains.

Skill Required for B.Tech in Applied Mechanics

Aspirants interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Technology degree in Applied Mechanics need to be creative and interested in designing and developing the efficient machine. Good understanding of the basic principles involved in Mathematics and Science is requisite for pursuing the quadrennial professional course successfully. Aspirants should also be good at problem decomposing and solving. Various vital skills required for pursuing a B. Tech in Applied Mechanics degree are enlisted as follows:

  •  Analytical and Reasoning Skills
  •  Creativity
  •  Knack for Designing Mechanical Systems
  •  Effective Time Management
  •  Good knowledge of various fundamental concepts and principles related to Science and Mathematics
  •  Problem Decomposing and Solving


B.Tech in Applied Mechanics Job Prospects

Almost every industry that relies on machines and mechanical systems requires Mechanicians. These include production, aviation, food technology, telecommunications, transportation, energy systems and construction industries. Applied mechanics fills in the gap between theory and application of a technology. Some of the most rewarding career opportunities for mechanicians are summed up as follows:

Engineering Technologist

Professionals working as engineering technologists are adept at the development, designing and implementation of engineering and technology to specific scenarios. Candidates with a degree in B. Tech in Applied Mechanics are apt to work as engineering technologists. These professionals are required by several organisations, including design and construction companies, government agencies and manufacturing firms.

Engineering technologists are skilful in applying engineering principles to solve complex engineering problems. Sometimes, the job responsibility of engineering technologists involves assuming the role of a senior managers or entrepreneurs. In most cases, engineering technologists work in line with traditional engineers. They receive a handsome salary for their arduous and proficient work.

Implementation Specialist

Another rewarding job opportunity for Bachelor of Technology in Applied Mechanics is that of an implementation specialist. After a sale is made by an organisation with a client, implementation specialist arranges a meet with the client. The primary objective of the meeting is to collect data, documents and other important information, which can assist an implementation specialist to devise a strategy for implementing the system the client requires.
Using project-planning skills, implementation specialists devise a plan by keeping each independent task of the implementation and due date in mind. Then these professionals lead an implementation team for executing various steps of the appropriate devised plan. In some sensitive scenarios, implementation specialists are required to evaluate the validity of the devised plan at each implementation step.

Technology Manager

Technology managers are responsible for managing an underlying technology for an organisation. The role of technology managers has grown with the growth or influence of technology on various industries. Technology managers propose an effective technology strategy to deal with the implementation of a new technology or the maintenance of an existing one.

Technology managers are apt at using technology scouting skills to forecast technology upgrades for the client organisation. These professionals are also responsible for mapping technologies for their clients with respect to the business scope and trending market needs. Sustainable and continuous development of technology is also a responsibility of the technology manager.

Safety Specialist

The role of a safety specialist is to prevent hazardous occurring within an organisation. Candidates with a B. Tech in Applied Mechanics degree provide their services as a safety specialist.

They are responsible for devising safety rules and regulations for employees of an organisation. In order to do so, safety specialists need to have a comprehensive knowledge of the environment and the ongoing activities in the organisation. Safety specialists are also responsible for devising contingency plans.

Other Career Options

Candidates with a degree in B. Tech in Applied Mechanics can work as assistant professors, business heads, corporate trainers, educators, professors, project managers, research associates, technology business account representatives and technology education teachers.

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B.Tech in Applied Mechanics Eligibility Criteria

Candidates that have completed the HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate), or Class 12th, education can apply for the B. Tech in Applied Mechanics programme. Candidates eyeing for the admission in NITs and IITs for pursuing the professional 4-year undergraduate course are required to qualify the JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) test in addition to clearing the HSC examination. The full eligibility criteria for applying for a Bachelor of Technology in Applied Mechanics degree are briefed as follows:

  • Completed higher secondary certificate education with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as compulsory subjects from a recognised state education board with over 60% marks or an equivalent CGPA in PCM
  • Appeared in the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE)
  • Qualified the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) (Only for IITs, NITs and some select educational institutions)

B.Tech in Applied Mechanics Specialization

Applied Mechanics, also known as engineering mechanics, is that branch of Physical Sciences that deals with the application of mechanics. Candidates are educated about the response given by solid and fluid bodies under the influence of external forces during the term of B. Tech in Applied Mechanics. Candidates successfully completing the programme are known as mechanicians.

Graduates with a degree in Bachelor of Technology in Applied Mechanics are adept at designing innovative and efficient machines and mechanical systems. They also provide enhanced designs for extant machines and mechanical systems.

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