What is B. Tech in Architecture Engineering?

B. Tech in Architecture Engineering is a four-year undergraduate programme. Architecture engineering is a specialised domain under the Bachelor of Technology course. The programme is covered under the semester system. Two semesters of study are held during each course year, with eight semesters covering the entire course. This professionally oriented degree course is related to the study of planning and design as well as technical aspects of building construction or architecture.

Offered as a full-time programme, B. Tech in Architecture Engineering course is focused on construction management, environmental systems, electrical design, materials and systems development. Architectural engineers are responsible for constructing and equipping the buildings to get them ready for comfortable human habitation. They specialise in building environmental control, structural design and life safety. The course has a vast scope in future in terms of jobs and career.

B. Tech in Architecture Engineering Course Availability

There are several institutions and universities in India offering a course in architectural engineering. These institutes are recognised by AICTE, UGC or AIU. Some of the institutions lead the scene with top-quality programmes that open many avenues for students. A few of such reputed institutions offering B. Tech in Architecture Engineering course are listed below:

In most of the institutions, the fee for course lies between INR 4 and 10 lakhs. The fee may depend on the reputation of the institute, as well as course quality and credibility in the industry.

B. Tech in Architecture Engineering Skills Required

Students who want to pursue B. Tech in Architecture Engineering course should have some skills if they want to be successful in this programme and make a great career out of it. Here are some of the skills or qualities that can help them excel:

  •  A creative and focused mind
  •  Planning and organisational skills
  •  Excellent design and drawing skills
  •  Good observation
  •  Problem-solving ability
  •  Effective communication
  •  An imaginative and visualising brain
  •  Leadership and managerial abilities
  •  Teamwork ability
  •  Resourceful in nature
  •  Basic knowledge of construction and building technologies

B. Tech in Architecture Engineering Job Prospects

After finishing the course, students can explore a variety of career options. They can take up jobs related to architectural design, safety management, eco-friendly construction, costing and estimation, environmental planning, site selection, and interior design. B. Tech in architecture engineering offers job prospects in engineering firms, construction technology companies, real estate firms and architectural design firms. With hard work and experience, professionals can gain immense growth in this domain.

While some students may pursue M. Tech or PhD in this area to achieve better job prospects, even graduates have a good scope to work as consulting engineers, building inspectors, technical architects, sales engineers, and drafters. They can also take up construction project management in construction companies. Some students may like to enter the teaching field as lecturers in engineering institutions. They can also become entrepreneurs or start their architectural consulting firms.

Although one’s own practice is highly fruitful in the field of architectural engineering, students can take up interesting job roles in private companies, as well as government departments. The B. Tech in Architecture Engineering course equips them with all the required skills and knowledge they need to achieve success as architectural engineers. Thus, the prospects in this area are vast to explore.

College is good

By Anonymous , 8 months, 1 week ago
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College is really good and the faculty is also wonderful. All the seniors are interactive and helps us in all sort of academic work. All the batch mates of our class come from different states which is really helpful to discuss the architecture of different states.

School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi

By Anonymous , 8 months, 2 weeks ago
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Its is India's deemed universities and one of the best. It offers an overall development of students in academics as well as co-curricular activities. College has a mix of visiting as well as permanent faculties thus giving insights of the real world of Architecture.

It's not the best, but it's great

By Anonymous , 8 months, 2 weeks ago
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It is a good college, being a new college it is in its initial phase, slowly growing, struggling to get established because of the way funds have been allotted and dispensed. Faculties are good, students are innovative, exposure is decent. It is good

B. Tech in Architecture Engineering Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for admission in the B. Tech in Architecture Engineering course, the candidate needs to fulfil the following criteria:

  •  The candidate must have cleared the class 12th exam or an equivalent exam in science stream from a recognised board.
  •  The candidate must have studied the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM) in class 12th mandatorily.
  •  The candidate should have scored a minimum of 55% marks in aggregate of PCM subjects in class 12th. Please note that this percentage criterion may differ from one institution to another, as well as for varied candidate categories under the reservation system.
  •  The candidate must take an entrance exam that is acceptable to the particular institution where he/she has applied for admission in the B. Tech in Architecture Engineering course. Most institutions admit candidates based on their performance in a state-level exam or national-level exams like JEE Main/ or Advanced. The candidate must check with the particular institution or university regarding the exam he/she needs to appear for.

B. Tech in Architecture Engineering Specialisations

B. Tech in Architecture Engineering course is a branch of the Bachelor of Technology programme. As it is a specialised course in itself, there are no further specialisations offered under this course. The course is highly valuable to those who want to make a career in the domain of construction engineering and technology. Students pursuing the course not only learn the basics of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics but also gain a deeper understanding of building design and norms, as well as construction materials and practices.

B. Tech in Architecture Engineering course offers both the theoretical and practical knowledge of various aspects of architectural engineering. These aspects include engineering drawing, architectural theories and graphics, climatology, surveying, structural mechanics, model design, structural analysis, and water supply, sanitation and fire fighting planning. Students further learn to design earthquake-resistant buildings of various types. The course also trains them in soil mechanics, estimation, town planning, economics, housing, and entire project management. This makes them professional in all aspects, ranging from interior design to vernacular and contemporary architecture.

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