What is B. Tech in Carpet & Textile Technology?

B. Tech in Carpet & Textile Technology degree is a 4-year professional undergraduate course in engineering. Textile technology deals with various activities and methods related to the process of textile manufacturing. The programme educates candidates in numerous concepts and technologies used in the carpet and textile industries. It also provides appropriate knowledge to deal with the selection of colour, fabric and garment for the manufacturing to candidates. 

The quadrennial professional programme of Bachelor of Technology in Carpet & Textile Technology is suitable for candidates fascinated by textile production. The programme provides detailed knowledge of various processes involved in the textile manufacturing, such as processing, spinning and weaving. In addition to providing the knowledge of various machines, techniques and tools involved in textile manufacturing, B. Tech in Carpet & Textile Technology course educates students in various crafts and methodologies employed for completing textile manufacturing.

This 4-year Bachelor of Technology in Carpet & Textile Technology degree is divided into 8 semesters. At the end of each semester, examinations are conducted for assessing candidates. While first 2 semesters provide foundational knowledge of engineering principles and methodologies, rest 6 semesters focus entirely on various aspects of the carpet & textile technology.

B. Tech in Carpet & Textile Technology Skill Required

A good understanding of various chemicals and chemical processes is desirable for successfully pursuing B. Tech in Carpet & Textile Technology programme. Aspirants should also have a comprehensive knowledge of various fundamental principles of science. Having excellent observational and evaluation skills are must for candidates looking forward to pursuing a Bachelor of Technology in Carpet & Textile Technology course.
Essential skills required for students interested in pursuing a degree in B. Tech in Carpet & Textile Technology are enumerated as follows:

  •  Adequate knowledge of various scientific concepts
  •  Analytical ability
  •  Comprehensive knowledge of chemicals and chemical processes
  •  Creativity and strong imagination
  •  Knowledge of latest technologies
  •  Problem decomposition
  •  Team and time management

B. Tech in Carpet & Textile Technology Job Prospects

Carpet & Textile Technology engineers can provide their services to a wide variety of industries in addition to the textile one. These candidates can work as the product and merchandising managers for various organisations. B. Tech in Carpet & Textile Technology graduates can also work as research associates and educators, business development executives, textile consultants, et cetera. Some of the premium job opportunities for Bachelor of Technology in Carpet & Textile Technology graduates are briefed up in the following section:

Assistant Textile Designer

The job profile of an assistant textile designer is ideal for B. Tech in Carpet & Textile Technology graduates. Assistant textile designers most often work with a creative team of textile designers to create new and distinct brand styles for the employer client or organisation.

Assistant textile designers are involved with the creation, development and execution of artwork as per the products offered by the organisation. Researching the latest design trends and needs of customers is an important aspect of the job responsibility. The assistant textile designer is desirable to be adept at using design software for creating fresh and vibrant designs for various products.

Textile Process Engineer

After doing B. Tech in Carpet & Textile Technology, candidates can work as process engineers who are engaged in the development and inception of new and effective industrial processes for textile-based organisations are dubbed as textile process engineers. The rewarding job profile of a textile process engineer has several responsibilities, ranging from designing and modifying equipment to optimise the employed industrial processes. In order to assess various systems and processes involved in textile manufacturing and processing, textile process engineers are required to analyse the data related to them closely.

Product Development Engineer

Another worthwhile career option for B. Tech in Carpet & Textile Technology graduates is that of a product development engineer. The job responsibility of a product development engineer includes the inception of a product design that completely satiates an organization's or client’s strategic goals. While doing so, product development engineers should ensure that the product design also fulfils the needs of manufacturing, marketing and sales departments.

Quality Control Supervisor

Quality control supervisors play an important role in the development and supervision of quality control programs. These professionals are responsible for coordinating with members of the quality control department for ensuring the product meets all customer specifications. Quality control supervisors make sure that all components used for the manufacturing of products are genuine and at par with the specifications.

Other Career Options

Graduates with a B. Tech in Carpet & Textile Technology degree also have the option to provide services as educators, fabric development executives, medical textiles engineers, operation trainees, process improvement engineers, product development managers, professors, research associates, sales managers and technical services assistants.


Campus life - Full of enjoyment and fun

By Anonymous , 8 months, 2 weeks ago
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The infrastructure and facilities are good. There is high-speed Internet, a library, computer centers, a sports ground and coaches available. Classrooms are very good, fully air conditioned. Hostels are good with proper facilities. Faculty members are well qualified and knowledgeable. Fests like techniti and utkansh are enjoyed by all.Placement of college is also good.

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The campus is really good with almost all the facilities. Students are active in different societies and clubs enhancing their skills. At the time of any fest these societies and clubs are performing at their best to make the fest a success. But in order to conduct such fest the faculty are not willing to contribute just because of the inner politics. They hardly have any concern about the college reputation, they are just concerned about themselves and how they could raise themselves into the eyes of others. This disappoint me.

Not so good but better than many more

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College is not so good. Staff is very poor. They are having their own controversies in which there is loss of students, infrastructure is average . Other facilities are also good . Environment is not so good . Cleanliness is poor. Overall good one .

B. Tech in Carpet & Textile Technology Eligibility Criteria

Aspirants that have completed higher secondary certificate examination can apply for the B. Tech in Carpet & Textile Technology degree. This 4-year programme provides a lateral entry (admission to the 2nd year of the course) to candidates that have completed a 3-year professional diploma in textile chemistry, textile engineering or textile technology. Candidates looking to pursue the course from IITs and NITs need to qualify the Joint Entrance Examination. Complete eligibility criteria for the Bachelor of Technology in Carpet & Textile Technology are summed up as follows:

  •  Candidates have successfully completed the higher secondary certificate or class twelfth, examination in science stream from a recognised state education board with a minimum of 60% marks or an equivalent CGPA in PCM or PCB.


  •  For B. Tech in Carpet & Textile Technology, candidates should have completed a 3-year diploma course in textile chemistry/textile  engineering/textile technology from a recognised institution with at least 60% marks or an equivalent CGPA
  •  Candidates should have appeared for the Joined Entrance Examination (JEE)
  •  Secured a score more than the qualifying score in JEE (Applicable only for NITs, IITs and some select institutes).


B. Tech in Carpet & Textile Technology Specialisations

Candidates are educated about various engineering and scientific methodologies associated with the textile manufacturing. These methodologies are implemented in processing and production of textile fabrics, carpets and fibres. Along with the fundamental knowledge of textile manufacturing, candidates studying B. Tech in Carpet & Textile Technology programme are educated in corporate management, process engineering, production control, and quality control. Candidates are also provided with the fundamental knowledge of merchandising.

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